Can I Pawn my Car and What are the Advantages of Pawning?

Date 29 Jun 2022

Who is Release My Capital?

Release My Capital are the UK's No. 1 Specialist Car Pawnbrokers for Prestige, Supercars, Classic or Vintage Cars and can assist in car pawn up to £2 million from our clients' prized vehicles, whether it’s a prestige, supercar, classic or vintage car. Family-run and privately owned, Release My Capital serves a broad range of clients throughout the United Kingdom. We are personable and will always do our best to find the ideal path forward for our clients.

The directors Paul and Jeremy Hilburn have lent a combined £50 million on luxury assets since 2010 and offer over 30 years’ experience in the consumer credit and finance industry

Prestige, Classic & Vintage Cars Pawn from £5K TO £2M

Release My Capital can help you drive forward with your plans for new capital. We are asked by our clients, “Can I pawn my car?" and what are the advantages of pawning?"

At Release My Capital, we help our customers drive their plans forward as we pawn very promptly against all world-class car brands, from BMW and Bentley to Maserati, to Mercedes, Range Rover, to Rolls Royce.

Our minimum car pawn loan starts at £5,000 and we ask for a minimum car value of £10,000. We always try to lend up to 65% of the trade car's value and can complete any car pawn loan on the same day.

It's also worth noting that Release My Capital lends against a wide range of assets, including:

  • Residential and commercial bridging finance
  • Vintage, classic and prestige watches
  • Fine art
  • Fine wine and spirits
  • Collectables & objet d'art

Release My Capital Car Pawn Loan Terms

Every car pawn loan agreement has a fixed term of 6 months, with the ability to settle early at any time with no penalty or make overpayments. There is absolutely no requirement to make a payment during the term of the loan, which can be beneficial for the borrower’s cash flow. Subject to underwriting and T&C’s, Release My Capital can offer our clients the opportunity to roll the loan over for a further 6 months without penalty.

No Credit Check Car Pawn Loans

Our client’s security and discretion are assured, and all personal information will always remain private and confidential. As Release My Capital is pawning a car, we do not require a credit report and nor do we report to any credit reference agencies or similar organizations. There will never be a record of the loan on our client’s credit file.

Release My Capital Are A Digital Lender And Offer A Simply 3 Step Process Top Completion

1. Virtual Appraisal & Initial Valuation

We complete the car pawn application online without the need for a home visit or the need to visit a high-street location. On receipt of our client's request to pawn their car, we will complete a real-time valuation. For Prestige Cars and Supercars valuations, we rely on CAP, widely recognised as the most accurate industry expert by car dealers, finance specialists, and motoring professionals nationwide. For our clients looking to pawn classic and vintage cars, we have a select network of industry experts that will review the vehicle, including key facts, as well as research the vehicle’s provenance, including original purchase documentation, service records, and private sale records, where applicable.

We then complete a vehicle inspection within an hour of the application on WhatsApp. The car inspection takes no longer than 10 minutes, and our client will receive an offer in principle – subject to a physical check and final valuation.

2. Physical Inspection

Release My Capital can provide a fully insured ‘white glove’ collection service throughout Great Britain, at an additional cost to discreetly collect our client’s vehicle in an unmarked transporter. Alternatively, our clients can deliver their car to our partner storage

Within minutes of receipt of the vehicle, we will start a detailed inspection to confirm the final valuation of the vehicle.

3 Final Valuation

On completion of the physical inspection, Release My Capital will confirm one of three possibilities:

1. Our valuation is as agreed. The loan is paid into the client's account in seconds.

2. We will issue a revised offer for our client’s approval.

3. [Were we are unable to lend] We will be returning your car to you.

The Release My Capital Commitment - To return the vehicle in the same condition in which we received it – or better

At Release My Capital we pride ourselves in providing the industry leading safe, secure, and full insured car storage. Whilst the vehicle is in storage, it will be subject to the utmost protection and specialist care

When our client’s vehicle arrives at our partner storage facility, a detailed documented and photographic inspection is done by our representative to determine its condition.

Further pre-storage preparation will include the car being hand washed, leathered, and allowed to fully dry and then placed on trickle charge and under cover for the duration of the storage. The type pressures may be adapted to the time in storage. On all classic & vintage vehicles, the bonnet and the underside are fully checked – but without the removal of any parts.

The Release My Capital Car Storage's partner storage facilities are fully insured against accidental damage and theft, and provide:

  • Temperature-controlled indoor environment.
  • Regular specialist maintenance checks, including engine start-ups and monthly tyre rotations.
  • Specialist dehumidified space option on request and for an additional cost.

Release My Capital Car Pawn – Key Facts

Loan Terms

  • Loans from £5,000 - £2,000,000
  • Borrow up to 65% of the car value
  • Fixed 6-month loan terms
  • Ability to roll the loan for a further 6-months subject to asset valuation, underwriting and T&C’s
  • Loan is secured on the asset via a regulated ‘Pawn Agreement’
  • The asset is placed into storage as a pledge against the loan
  • The car owner will not have access or use of their asset for the duration of the loan
  • Loans are not subject to an affordability assessment or credit check
  • No repayment required until the end of the agreement when the customer collects the asset
  • Overpayments are allowed and the interest is then re-calculated
  • Settle early, 100% penalty free
  • Applicable throughout the United Kingdom, including Scotland
  • Application completed online and no home visit required
  • Cash paid out the same day
  • No hidden fees or charges

Asset Requirements

  • Personal and company assets considered
  • Vehicle must be free of finance
  • Proof of ownership is required
  • Minimum asset trade value of c£5K
  • Car Loans - no additional keeper added to the logbooks
  • Car Loans - SORN and uninsured cars accepted