provides £105,000 loan against 2018 Ferrari 488 Spider in under 2 hours

Date 16 May 2022

18th May 2022 - Supercar Pawn and Pawn My Ferrari

Release My Capital, specialists in secured short-term loans on prestige and supercars, assisted an Essex-based property developer with a £105,000 loan against his 2018 Ferrari 488 Spider worth over £165,000.

The client, who was experiencing short-term liquidity issues for the completion and needed to raise short-term development finance for the residential property development, made a direct approach to Release My Capital. The client said "I needed to pawn my Ferrari to raise the funds to complete my development in order to re-mortgage, Release My Capital were quick and didn't require any credit checks"

Release My Capital completed a virtual appraisal and real-time valuation via WhatsApp video. Within 1 hour, a principle offer was issued, subject to the physical car check and final valuation.

The client drove his Ferrari 488 Spider to VC’s local professional storage partner to complete a detailed inspection and confirm the final valuation. Within 2 hours, the process from valuation to the release of funds was successfully completed.

Paul Hilburn, director at Release My Capital, said: “The process of releasing funds quickly can be challenging due to complex and often lengthy lending criteria, which require formal credit checks." Release My Capital has become a go-to lender for property professionals looking for short-term bridge finance or mezzanine funding to complete their projects. Our clients know they can release the equity from their prestige, classic, and vintage cars and pay back penalty free when the project has been completed or refinanced.”


Release My Capital are specialists in secured short-term loans on luxury assets, including cars, property, watches, jewellery, fine wine and art.

Our short-term loans assist our clients in swiftly releasing up to £2 million of equity in their highly valued belongings.

Release My Capital guarantees our clients' privacy with our guaranteed assurance to leave no marks on the client's credit reports.

Funding can be easily agreed remotely, subject to the inspection and valuation.

Release My Capital is a family-run business and privately owned, serving a broad range of clients throughout the United Kingdom.