Pawn My Car

Date 08 Nov 2022

Don’t Sell Your Luxury, Supercar, Prestige, Classic or Vintage Car

Pawn Your Car to Raise Cash is the UK's No.1 specialist car pawnbroker, We can help you pawn your car, no matter if luxury, prestige, classic, or vintage. We provide loans from £5,000 to £2 million, and what's more, we will complete them on the same day.

No mark will be made on your credit report, and you will not need to travel. Everything can be quickly agreed upon from home. Release My Capital guarantees your privacy. We are fast, discreet and flexible.

Family-run and privately owned, Release My Capital, the UK Pawn Stars, serve a broad range of clients throughout the United Kingdom. We are personable and will always do our best to find the ideal path forward for you.

We will help you drive forward your plans with new capital. We lend very promptly against all world-class car brands – from BMW and Bentley to Maserati, to Mercedes, Range Rover to Rolls Royce and Fiat to Ferrari. Whatever the car and age, we can help.

It is very simple and easy to complete car pawn with

1. Virtual Appraisal & Initial Valuation

  • Real-time valuation on WhatsApp video – no home visit required.

  • Takes 10 minutes maximum.

  • Receive an offer in principle – subject to a physical check and final valuation.

2. Physical Inspection

  • Deliver your car to a partner storage facility – or allow us to discreetly collect it in an unmarked transporter at an additional cost.

  • Within minutes we will start a detailed inspection to confirm the final valuation of your vehicle.

3. Final Valuation

On completion of the physical inspection, we will confirm one of three possibilities:

  • Our valuation is as agreed. See the loan in your account in seconds.

  • We will issue a revised offer for your approval.

  • [Where we are unable to lend] We will be returning your car to you.

We will always ensure an accurate and fair valuation. For our Luxury, Prestige and Supercar valuations, we rely on CAP, widely recognised as the most accurate industry expert by car dealers, finance specialists and motoring professionals nationwide. For classic and vintage car valuations, we rely upon a select network of industry experts who will review the key facts, as well as research your vehicle’s provenance, including original purchase documentation, service records, plus private sale records, where applicable.

Our commitment to our customers when we look after your car is to return your vehicle in the same condition in which we received it – or better. We guarantee the following care:-

1. Expert Storage and Care
Bring your car to the storage facility run by one of our partners and meet our representative there. Or, for an extra fee, request that we pick it up and deliver it in an unmarked transporter.

2. Preparation for Pre-Storage

Our representative thoroughly examines and documents the condition of your car when it arrives at our partner storage facility in order to assess its correctly.

The car will also be given a final hand wash, leathered, and thorough drying before being placed on trickle charge and covered for the length of storage. The type pressures can be modified according to the length of storage.

All classic and historic cars have their bodywork and undercarriage thoroughly inspected, but no pieces are removed.

3. Care
Our affiliate storage facilities offer full insurance coverage against theft and vandalism. A climate-controlled interior setting and regular expert maintenance inspections, such as monthly tyre rotations and engine starts.

A dehumidified specialist area is an option upon request and at an additional expense.

4. Return
When your loan is over, please schedule a time to pick up your vehicle.

Or, for an extra fee, request that we transport it back to you in safety.

By working with, to pawn your car, our clients receive a bespoke credit arrangement. If you're interested in learning more about car pawn to raise funds, apply directly at or call

0333 577 3000 and speak to one of our expert loan consultants. will begin by asking about the assets you'd like to use as collateral, your timeline, and your desired loan amount.