Car Equity Loans - Unlocking the Equity, When You Need Cash Fast

Date 17 May 2023

If you're looking to take a loan against your car but are hesitant to get a traditional logbook loan with high interest rates, then look no further than a car equity loan!

With a car equity loan, you can use the equity you’ve built up in your vehicle as collateral for a loan. It can often be tricky to work out how much equity there is in your car. It can depend on a number of factors, including the age of the car, its condition, mileage, and even colour. If you're not sure of your value, you can ask the sales team at to provide a no obligation quotation, or alternatively, you can use industry car valuation guides such as Glasses of CAP.

By using your car for a loan, this means that your car is the security, giving you a much better interest rate than you’d get with an unsecured personal loan or a logbook loan. Plus, with car equity loans, you can typically get access to more cash than you would with other types of car loans, because the value of your car is taken into consideration when determining your loan amount.

But why choose a car equity loan over a traditional car loan? The answer is simple: with a car equity loan, the loan is solely based upon the car's value; there is no need to complete a credit report or undertake an affordability assessment. The borrower's anonymity is guaranteed at We will store the vehicle directly at one of our partner's indoor, air-conditioned, and fully insured storage facilities, located within 1 hour of any address anywhere in the UK. The borrower will be met on arrival by our representative, a physical check of the vehicle will then be completed, and the funds will be instantly transferred to the client's bank account before they leave.

If you’re ready to get started with a car equity loan, all you need to do is visit and submit an application, and we will respond within 1 working hour and aim to complete your car equity loan the same day. On our website, you will find, in addition to your application, information about our loan, the valuation process, and our storage partners.

With same-day approvals, easy-to-use online platforms, and personalised customer service, car equity loans are a convenient and affordable way to borrow money.

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