Use Your Luxury Assets to Get a Loan

Date 24 Oct 2022

Do you need to release the capital tied up in your luxury assets? Talk to ; we are the UK's specialists in secured short-term loans on luxury assets. We provide a proven and preferable colleterial loan solution for our customers. We pride ourselves on offering a fast, discrete, and flexible solution to immediately increase our clients' liquidity. Don’t just take our word for it, this is what our clients say: -

“ has been brilliant. It was just three hours from the initial call to receiving my payment. I highly recommend them without a doubt if you want to borrow against your luxury assets."


“I have used Release My Capital several times for luxury asset loans, and it is very easy, with the money paid on the same day. A great way to boost short-term cash flow. "


“I have used Release My Capital several times for luxury asset loans, and it is very easy, with the money paid on the same day. A great way to boost short-term cash flow . "

Leverage Your Past, Not Your Future

Release My Capital can help our clients borrow the same day against luxury assets and release up to £2 million of equity in their prized possessions. We fully appreciate that there are many reasons why our clients consider pawning their luxury goods. This may include using luxury assets to release extra liquidity to invest in other profitable opportunities, business continuity capital or even just paying off an urgent debt. Typically, our clients will have a sizable portion of their wealth invested in a collection of very personal and loved luxury items, which might include prestige, classic and vintage cars, fine wine and whiskey, watches, gold, fine jewelry and gems, and fine art . Our clients, never really want to sell their luxury assets as they have a strong emotional attachment to the assets and, fundamentally, they just need to raise immediate liquidity without having to sell, as they still appreciate and believe in future asset growth in years to come.

Our clients continue to trust and rely upon as we are family-run and privately owned. We serve a broad range of clients throughout the United Kingdom, and our clients never need to travel as everything can easily be agreed upon from the comfort of their own homes. We are personable and will always do our best to find the ideal path forward every time. Our client’s anonymity and our discretion are always assured. No search mark or credit report will be undertaken. Release My Capital guarantees our client's privacy.

Release My Capital is a proud member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and the Financial Conduct Authority. We are extremely flexible and focused. Our luxury asset loans are always transparent and fair, and there are no hidden fees, no minimum period, and no early settlement charges. Release My Capital loans are designed to give our clients control of their finances. Our clients expect a bespoke answer to their plans, wishes and needs, even if their situation changes. Our priority is forging long-term relationships.

Jeremy & Paul Hilburn, brothers in business, have combined lent over £50 million on luxury assets since 2010 and offer over 30 years of experience in the consumer credit and finance industry. Both Paul and Jeremy joined forces in 2018 when they discerned an opportunity to revolutionise the luxury asset finance market. Jeremy had spent decades honing his commercial skills in Fortune 100 companies, while Paul, an internet entrepreneur, had over 15 years of experience lending to high-net-worth clients. Release My Capital was launched to offer a discreet direct equity release service.

Borrowing Against Luxury Assets

At Release My Capital, we understand the complexity of borrowing against luxury goods and provide a unique and bespoke lending solution no matter whether our clients wish to lend against a range of tangible assets, such as prestige, classic and vintage cars, fine wines and whiskey, prestige watches, gold, fine jewellery and gems, or fine art. Or in this new and exciting digital world with the introduction of loans on intangible assets, including loans against crypto-currencies, including loans on Bitcoin.

No matter the asset type, we can provide our clients with expert guidance as to whether it makes more sense to borrow against a collection of luxury items or just a single item of luxury goods. is uniquely placed to offer our clients the perfect solution to meet their immediate liquidity requirements.

In our experience to date, the most frequent client loans on luxury assets, typically include high-end prestige, classic and vintage cars, fine wine, jewellery, and expensive watches.

The Process of Taking a Loan Against Your Luxury Goods

The process of releasing the capital in luxury assets is extremely simple. provides its clients with a loan in exchange for using luxury tangible assets such as prestige cars, watches, gold, and jewelry, and even intangible assets like Bitcoin. The money released from pawning luxury assets can be used by our clients for any purpose. However, loan funds are typically used to pay towards business, expenses, personal debt, or the acquisition of other appreciating luxury goods, diversify assets, or invest in a business.

The loan term length is 6 months for all asset classes, and the loan to value will vary according to the asset class and will always be subject to a formal valuation process.

It's vital to remember that during the term of the loan, the luxury asset is used as collateral against the loan with The asset will be held to order until the loan is repaid, up to a maximum of 6 months. Every asset will be stored in an asset-specific, fully insured, professional, and secure storage facility.

The client will continue to be the owner of the asset, and once the loan has been repaid, the possessions will be returned to the client. However, the client won't be allowed to use the asset while the loan is active.

If you're interested in learning more about unlocking the equity in your luxury items, apply directly at or call 0333 577 3000 and speak to one of our expert loan consultants. will begin by inquiring about the assets you'd like to use as collateral, your timeline, and your desired loan amount. is a Direct Lender and not a Broker

When a client is considering the process of looking to release capital against their luxury assets, they will very quickly establish there are indeed very few direct lenders and in fact, the market is saturated with 3rd party finance brokers. The typical ‘Finance Broker’ will offer to negotiate directly with lenders on behalf of their clients at no cost. However, this process of using a 3rd party finance broker will not help a client obtain the greatest offer or terms. The brokers will charge a commission which ultimately is paid by the lender to the broker and billed to the client.

Our advice to any client considering using their luxury assets to raise capital is to talk directly to the lender. Negotiate directly and obtain a better offer and term than using a finance broker. Additionally, every client must make sure you're dealing with regulated, reliable, and discreet lenders., a family-run office and a direct lender. We are proud members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and the Financial Conduct Authority. We lend our own funds and provide our clients with market-leading rates that you will not find on any loan comparison site or available to finance brokers. are the UK Standard bearer and are specialist in secured loans on luxury items and can release from £5,000 up to £2 million of equity in our client’s prized belongings, subject to the asset fitting our loan criteria and having the correct valuation.

We operate throughout the United Kingdom and offer pawn loans to all clients regardless of their citizenship. We are not required to undertake a credit report or ask our clients to provide a detailed affordability assessment. The fundamental criteria other than the asset value is proof of ownership. We will always request reliable and verifiable proof of ownership is provided in order to secure the loan and comply with the UK government and money laundering rules and regulations.

How Much Does It Cost to Borrow Against Luxury Good?

The cost of releasing equity from luxury items is influenced by several factors, including the asset valuation, the loan to value and the asset’s overall market liquidity and these will differ from asset to asset. The amount you pay will ultimately depend on your assessment of the risk, your profile, the amount you want to borrow, and the high-end items you are pledging as collateral.

The type of credit our clients are taking is a Pawnbroking agreement regulated by the consumer credit act of 1974. The loan will be secured against the luxury asset and the client will have confirmed that they are the registered keeper and legal owner of the asset. The loan term is for 6 months, and no monthly interest payments are required until the loan is settled in full. The client must be aware that if they do not redeem the loan on or before the 6-month deadline they may lose the right to redeem it.

Our clients can settle the loan early at any time during the term penalty fee, saving money. A settlement figure will provide at any time and it will be valid for 28 days. If the loan is settled early, interest will only be charged for the time the loan is live including a 28 days notice period. The interest will stop accruing when the settlement amount is paid.

Additionally, Release My Capital, allows our clients to make an unlimited number of capital overpayments. On receipt of a capital overpayment, we will reduce the original loan principle by the amount and then re-calculate the loan repayments commencing from the next repayment due date.

The Appraisal of Luxury Goods

Release My Capital will thoroughly evaluate the luxury asset prior to providing final terms and completing the loan. This will include a remote appraisal via whats app of the assets or collections to confirm an indictive price. The final valuation will always be subject to a final physical inspection to confirm the authenticity of the goods and assess the quality of the possessions.

To help provide a clearer understanding of the appraisal, our expert valuation team will always consider:

  • Asset type including make, model and description
  • Age of asset
  • Condition of asset
  • Age of Asset
  • Number of owners
  • Uniqueness and provenance
  • The history of ownership (especially for goods like art and jewellery).
  • How it’s been kept
  • Current storage?

What Amounts Can Be Borrowed Through Luxury Asset Finance?

Release My Capital typical lend from 45%-65% loan to the value of the asset class and will always be subject to a final a valuation.

Luxury asset Loans are a specialised area of lending and clients will need to be aware they will probably be able to borrow more if they have a valuable prestige or classic car which is highly sorts after rather than a unique but not-so-in-demand piece of artwork. Asset liquidity is always a determining factor in the final loan-to-value calculation.

Depending on the value of the asset or collection, loans will range from £5,000 to almost £2m. will provide every client with the best available market rates. These are not available on any loan composition site or available to 3rd party finance brokers,

Complete Your Luxury Loan the Same Day. can complete loans on luxury assets typically between 1- 3 days depending on the asset class or the complexity of the valuation. Pawn Loan on Prestige, Classic and Vintage Cars can even be completed within 90 minutes from application to cash in the bank. No other finance broker or lender will move as quickly as Release My Capital to complete the loan for our clients.

Depending on the asset class, size and location we offer our clients the opportunity to deliver the asset to one of our dedicated valuation points located around the UK or if the client prefers, we can offer a dedicated, experienced and fully insured white glove service to collect the asset from the client’s house and if required return back to the client when the loan is completed – at an additional charge.

Why Use for funding loans on Luxury Goods?

This is just what we do. We are professional and very organised. Unlike larger organisations, like banks that don’t lend against tangible and intangible assets like Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. This is because they lack the internal competence required to handle this kind of lending.

Our clients can borrow up to £2 million against their valuable possessions' today with the aid of Release My Capital.

Our clients will never need to travel, everything can be decided upon from home with ease. Plus, there won't be any marks on our clients credit record, because we don't require a credit check and our clients privacy is guaranteed by Release My Capital.

Release My Capital, a privately held family business, offers a wide range of client's throughout the United Kingdom. We are kind, and we always aim to deliver the best course of action for you.

For Luxury Goods Loans, get in touch with

By working with, our clients receive a bespoke credit arrangement.

If you're interested in learning more about using your luxury goods to raise funds, apply directly at or call 0333 577 3000 and speak to one of our expert loan consultants. will begin by inquiring about the assets you'd like to utilise as collateral, your timeline, and your desired loan amount.