"Can I Pawn My Range Rover for 1 Month?"

Date 30 Nov 2022

The answer was yes! ReleaseMyCapitial.co.uk was delighted to be able to provide a short-term car pawn loan for £20,000 to an existing customer against his Range Rover Autobiography worth over £45K.

"I need to raise £20,000 for just one month, can I pawn my Range Rover with no early settlement fees?" The customer inquired with ReleaseMyCapital.co.uk.

Release My Capital are the UK's premium car pawnbrokers, and we were able to say yes and complete the car pawn loan the same day.

The customer said, "I only need the funds for less than a month and fully intend to pay off the loan quickly." He added "As a previous customer of Release My Capital, I know that I can settle early at any time penalty free, I just need to give them 28 days notice. The process of approving the loan was very quick, I dropped the car of at my local facility and was paid out the same afternoon. The whole team is very helpful and extremely professional. I would recommend them to any body looking to pawn their car."

Within an hour, ReleaseMyCapital.co.uk provided a virtual appraisal and a real-time value for the Range Rover. The car pawn loan agreement was promptly issued. The client quickly drove his Range Rover at our nearby, fully insured, and safe storage facility, which is less than an hour from his home. After passing its final physical check, the vehicle was cleaned, covered, and put on a trickle charge for the remainder of its stay with us. The money was instantly transferred to the client's bank account.

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ReleaseMyCapital.co.uk cares about privacy, so no credit checks are done and no searches are recorded in the client's credit file. This protects the client's privacy.

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No mark will be made on their credit report, and there is no need to travel as everything can